St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SLSG IL Technical Training

We are excited to announce the club is offering supplemental programming opportunities for players in our 2009 - 2014 age groups! This is a great opportunity to gain additional touches on the ball and further develop technical skills. There is no additional charge for players to attend the sessions.  We simply ask that players sign up for each session for attendance and planning purposes.   


Our Technical Training for the SLSG - IL families will consist of 6 sessions. These sessions will last one hour and be held on Field #10 at the SLSG Collinsville Facility.


SLSG Technical Training will consist of 3 stations:

  • 18-20 Minutes of Shooting
  • 18-20 Minutes of Dribbling Movements, Fast Footwork, Juggling
  • 18-20 Minutes of Passing & Receiving


Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Saint Louis Scott Gallagher and we look forward to seeing you at the new Tech/LTAD Training Program.


Due to current Covid-19 guidelines & restrictions, tech training is postponed in the Fall.