St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

5. College Recruiting in the ECNL

The ECNL is comprised of 80+ of the most competitive clubs across the country. Over the course of the playing season, clubs gather to participate in five (5) ECNL National events and one (1) National Playoff event (how many events of the five is dependent upon age group). In order to make life easy for the college scouts and maximize collegiate exposure, games are all scheduled are held at one soccer complex . To further work with the college scouts and their schedules, National Events are hosted from November through June, avoiding conflict with the women’s college soccer regular season. The benefits of having the National events scheduled over an eight-month period include:


  • To allow the college coaches the ability to observe and evaluate the players from one region to the next.
  • To allow the college coaches to have multiple evaluations throughout the year.
  • To allow clubs to pre-plan their competitive calendar to coincide with their regional calendar and HS calendar.
  • To allow college coaches to pre-plan their recruiting calendars for the season.



See below some FAQ’s related to the College Recruiting in the ECNL




Q. Are the National events held over three days and do the teams only play 1 game per day?

A: Yes, all the National are held over three days. Typically, the event coincides with a national holiday to help prevent players missing too much school. Also, the teams only play 1 game a day to allow the players appropriate rest and recovery between the games.



Q. How does the ECNL determine which teams compete against one another at the National events?

A: The ECNL wants all the games to be equally competitive at the ECNL National events. An opponent is preselected due to a team’s overall performance the season before. This allows college coaches to compare players from teams of likeability in each of the events.



Q. How many National events do each team have to play in throughout the course of the season?

A: Please see the answer to this question in section 3 ‘Competitive Structure of the ECNL’.



Q. How do the SLSG MO ECNL players and teams travel to the events?

A: SLSG MO ECNL does not travel by bus to either the National events or away Midwest conference regional games. An itinerary is established before the event for all players to follow. It is up to each individual family to decide on how to get their daughter to away matches.


Q. Are families and players required to stay in the same hotel as the team?

A. Yes, all ECNL clubs follow the leagues protocol ‘stay to play’. Once a National event is about two months out, we are placed into a lottery system for selecting a hotel at the event. After we have the hotel reserved, the staff sends out the details for each family to reserve their room.



Q. Do players and families share hotel rooms on the road?

A: Yes, there are many families who will share a hotel room with another to cut back on some costs. We encourage this to help our families out. In the past, we have had multiple players share a room and we assign a chaperone for those players during the National event.