St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

CDP -PCA Workshops at SLSG

On Saturday, August 25th SLSG embarked on another journey with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA).  The club hosted over 100 parents of SLSG players born in 2010 via online or at an "In-Person" Workshop at WWT Soccer Park in Fenton.  This was the first in a series of annual meetings that will take place in August for the U9 age group ( So, just to note, in August 2019, SLSG and PCA will host meetings for the 2011 age group parents).  We are working specifically with the U9 age group for two reasons:

1. The Premier League employs referees for the first time for its league games.

2. SLSG teams may start playing in outside tournaments (With the outside competition comes another level of competitive desire).

As parents, we often struggle to speak to our children effectively concerning their sporting activity.  I have daughters that played youth sports and I found it difficult to find the right words, a balance of encouragement. I didn't want to pry or pressure too hard, but I still wanted to share my perspective.  SLSG thought it might be helpful for PCA to share insights and its philosophy on parents role in youth sport and how best to relate to children who are playing for the club.

Joe Scally from PCA did a masterful job of identifying the landmines that parents navigate through when raising their child who loves to play youth sports.  There were two takeaways from the seminar that resonated with me (forgive me for paraphrasing):

1. Focus on your child’s effort and work rather than on their talent.  Focusing on talent can actually harm a young players development.  Encouraging hard work and effort can help a player maximize their talent.

2. Disappointment is part of competition and part of life.  It is important for youth to experience disappointment and how to rebound from it.  When your child fails, encourage them to go for it again.  Our children are resilient, when they fail, they will bounce back and figure it out.  The experience of failing and conquering is where real confidence comes from.  Joe spoke about “Lawn Mower Parents” parents who try to clear a path free of obstructions.  We all need obstacles to overcome in order for us to grow as people.

Please visit the PCA DevZone for individual advice on situations that may concern you.  Thank you for your support of St. Louis Scott Gallagher, if I can ever be of assistance feel free to reach out.

Dale Schilly

Technical Director