St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Player Development Training - Goalkeeping

Goalkeeping PDT

Group training (8:1 ratio), also 1:1 private training



Location: Soccer Park Field #6

Dates: Sundays (starting 8/27, ending 11/12)

Times: 1pm (06-08), 2:30pm (03-05), 3:45pm (02-older); all sessions are 75 minutes

Curriculum: Crosses, Diving, Handling, Footwork, Agility, Angles, Decision-Making;


The curriculum will be based off coaches evaluation on what is needed for improvement. Feedback from player’s will also be taken into consideration.



Trainers: Devala Gorrick, Adam Grinwis, David Comens, Brian Woodward, Sam Lund, Stos Behle



Cost: $150 (8:1), Private Training: $100 for 1 session, $360 for 4 sessions, $660 for 8 sessions



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