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We are looking to re-schedule the Unity Cup for the Spring.  More details on that soon.  Regarding the Turkey Bowl on 11/28:
  • We will be using the sign ups from the postponed Unity Cup (Covid) for the sign up or Turkey Bowl (11/28).  There is no need to re-sign up if you were in the Unity Cup. 
  • Teams that were not in the Unity Cup but now want in the Turkey Bowl, do need to sign up on-line.
  • If you are missing players, remember this is 6v6 so you can get by with a low roster.  Guest playing to keep this schedule intact is encouraged. 
  • Please do not seek guest players that are above the level of your opponent.  Example, if you are playing a Classic team, please do not seek players from a Premier team.  If you get stuck and can't find a guest player, please ask for help from your Age Group Director.  Younger players could also be an option.
  • If you now still can't make it after you seeked guests, please let Ado ( know ASAP via email. 
  • The schedule is also already completed and posted on-line.  Of course, adjustments will have to be made if someone can't make it or we get more sign ups.  We will email out after changes are made but please check schedule here and there and for sure the week of the event.  Generally speaking, your team will play in the same timeframe as what is on-line. 
Of course, Covid guidelines also could move things as the spike goes up.  We will keep you posted on everything.
~Ken and Ado

Turkey Bowl - 11/28/20

Unity Cup

The Turkey Bowl is a “ONE Day Friendly Tournament”. The purpose of the Turkey Bowl is for players to enjoy the game of soccer in a fun setting and celebrate our SLSG Upper 90 Community Outreach Program.  A great way to end the season with a positive event.




The format of our one day tournaments is 3 friendly games and all will have a positive culture theme (see below). We will not have finals or winners but feel free to keep track and make it competitive inside your team.
Players are encouraged to be creative and not be afraid to take chances. Coaches and team leaders are encouraged to simply substitute and let the players coach themselves on the field. Please let the game be the teacher. Players, Coaches and Fans are encouraged to RESPECT all aspects of the game.


2020 / 2021 Three One Day Tournaments:

Unity Cup is a Shield Values Celebration Event – Saturday - 9/12/20 (posponed)
Turkey Bowl is an Upper 90 Community Outreach Celebration Event – Saturday - 11/28/20
Champions Cup is a Living Legacy Foundation Celebration event – 4/2/21


All three events will have a soccer shoe and ball collection to support our SLSG Upper 90 Soccer Missions. This year the missions will give to Honduras, Zambia and Urban STL. Please bring these items to the tournament headquarters. For more information on these projects – click here



– 6v6
– U6 to U12
– One Day Only
– Boys and Girls
– 9 AM to 9 PM (We will try to get all teams to play in a 4 hour window)
– Three 44 min games (no final or winner announced)
– If you are in a bracket of 5, you possibly have a fourth game, please scroll to the far right on your schedule for this round.
– The cost of this event is included in your club dues


If there are questions, please contact Ado Jahic - Turkey Bowl Director -

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