St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

St. Louis Scott Gallagher Partners with AM Sports Tours

05/13/16SLSG Soccer

St. Louis Scott Gallager has announced a partnership with AM Sports Tours. AMsportstours Limited is an award winning soccer travel company with offices in Scotland, USA and New Zealand.

From AMsportstours.com:

With over 1,000 customers from 36 different countries travelling

every year, AMsportstours have built an unrivalled reputation for

providing excellent soccer experiences across the world. The contacts

that they have built over the years allow them to provide a first class

service to all levels from youth to professional soccer.

The company has been built by “sports people doing travel, not

travel people doing sport”. Doubling in size every year since 2006,

we are the only sports tours company in the world with our own

soccer club (AMsoccer Club) allowing us to relate to the challenges

you face when taking your team on tour.

We provide a service that is personal and tailored to each individual

group, allowing you to create an experience that will live in the memory

of everyone for years to come. Our CEO is a current National Team

assistant coach meaning that our contacts and reputation is at the

top of the game.

“The St. Louis Scott Gallagher-Missouri division is delighted to partner with AM Sports Tours to give our players the opportunity to play and train in the UK in 2016 and Spain in 2017.” said Gavin Cuddy, Director of Operations – US Soccer Development Academy.

For more information on AM Sports Tours, please visit http://amsportstours.com/our-partners/st-louis-scott-gallagher/