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SLSG MO Boys Age Group Directors

Age Group Directors

Meet our MO Boys Age Group Directors! For any questions regarding you son's team, age group, ID Sessions or anything else SLSG related, please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our coaces/directors. To email them, just click on their name or picture. 


Luis Swisher - U19 (2002)


Tim Leonard - U18 (2003)


Ian Henry - U17 (2004)

(Picture coming soon)


Andrew Williams - U16 (2005)


Santi Castillo - U15 (2006)


Gavin Cuddy - U14 (2007), U13 (2008), U12 (2009)


Mitch Hunt - U11 (2010), U8 (2013), U7 (2014), U6 (2015)


Ado Jahic - U10 (2011)


Nick Bonacker - U9 (2012)