St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

The Leadership Initiative Hosts it's First Meeting of the 2020 Season!

The Leadership Initiative Hosts it's First Meeting of the 2020 Season!

"The number of young girls who are being positively impacted in their daily / weekly soccer environment has increased over 130% in just one year! So a pat on the back to the club who has recongnized a need, all of you who are making this program work through participation, and to the women who have stepped up to give their time, energy, and experience to the young girls of our club."


This was the leading statement in last nights opening Zoom meeting of The Leadership Initiative, one of SLSG's latest and greatest programs.   The Initiative, as members are calling it now, is already considered a success after only a few months of existence by accomplishing two of the programs goals:  1) to generate and provide more positive female role models for the young girls in the club and 2) to bridge and connect mentors and young female coaches, players and coaches in each of the MO and IL Divisions, bring players of different levels in each age group together, and introduce older players to younger players.


"I'm really impressed with what this group of coaches and players has already accomplished", McDoniel proudly expressed when discussing the first meeting of the year.  "This is going to be an inclusive experience, one that enhances the development of our players, new and verteran coaches, and directors alike."


The Initiative participants will meet twice a month and discuss concepts that may fall under the theme of Leadership, Coaching, and Communication.  "The club is trying to tailor the program to fit the girls who have chosen to participate.  We have players that want to simply listen in on the meetings, others who want to learn different techniques that may help them as a team leader, and others who are considering coaching and want to use the program to gain experience.  The one thing they all have in common, is that they care about the young girls in the club and want to give back to the club by giving the youngest players in SLSG someone to look up to and emulate."  


The Initiative will be back online in approximately two weeks with the programs first guest speaker to continue last nights discussion about "confidence".  Initiative participant, Alyssa Bockius who spends her extra time gaining experience in coaching by working with a 2006 team in the club, had this to say, Tonights talk on confidence made me think about how I speak to the girls I'm working with in the club, like how I communicate to them.  I think I present myself confidently, but when I'm with them, I need to remember they depend on me for positive feedback that will lift their confidence."


For more information on The Leadership Initiative contact Scott McDoniel at smcdoniel@slsgsoccer.com