St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

06 Elite Adopt a Family for Christmas


Tis the season to be Merry, and for many of the teams in the Elite Program, it is a time to give. Last week our U12's spent time together in an effort to make someone else's holiday just a little more festive.  This is the second winter in a row that these young ladies have adopted a family through the United Way, determined to make sure that someone a little less fortunate had some nice new gifts to start the new year.  "I think it's important for ALL kids to have a good holiday and I want to help as many kids as possible get presents on Christmas day", said Addy Jones, who is a 06 attacking midfielder.  Coach, Matt Stichling, credits his manager Tammy Young for making the experience something the team will remember.  "Tammy did a great job organizing this service project for the girls. She did all the legwork on this, more importantly, she helped the girls understand that giving is what makes the holiday season special."  



The 06 families ended up doing more than just donating a few toys.  At the end of the wrapping party, the list of items that would be given to this adopted family included a twin bed, gift cards, clothing, books, and of course extra money that the family could use for anything they needed.  Another one of the team's midfielders, Ava Talley, had this to say, "Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I hope that we have helped to make this Christmas special for this family,!"  





Ralph Richards, the Elite Program Director, is obviously very proud of this group.  "The Elite Program and the entire SLSG experience must be about more than playing soccer.  In order for us to achieve our mission of being the best club in the country, we must serve our community both on and off the field.  I'm really proud of these young ladies for taking some of their extra time and money and giving to those in need.  These types of experiences are going to make them better people and players as they grow up."   Sky Young, another attacking player for the U12's, helped to host the wrapping party, and walked away feeling as if the project made her just as happy as the adopted family.  "I love that we can help others, it makes me so happy to know that we can make someone else's Christmas better!"