St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

7. Administration of the ECNL

The ECNL is an independent, non-profit, member-based 501 (c)(3) organization, with an independent governance and leadership structure.  The ECNL Board of Directors and staff solely governs all programs and platforms.  All member clubs along with the board of directors work together in operating the ECNL. Together, decisions are made to approve the annual budget, competitive structure, and admission of new members.  Over the years this has proven to be an effective way for the best female soccer clubs across the country to share and implement best practices for the players.



See below some FAQ’s related to the Administration of the ECNL



Q. Is there a club membership fee to be in the ECNL?

A: Yes, each club has an annual membership fee which covers the league and administrative cost. There are additional fees associated with each National event except the National Playoffs and Finals.


Q. How much will the SLSG MO ECNL program cost?
A: The SLSG club fee for ECNL will be $995.00

B: The SLSG team fee for ECNL will be $1300.00  




Q. What do SLSG MO ECNL club and team fees include?
A: Everything except personal Travel and Uniform cost

  • Professional Staff (coaches, trainer’s, sports performance)
  • Facilities and Training Space
  • League, Tournament, and Player Registration fees
  • Training Gear and Misc. ECNL items
  • MTAG experience



Q. How and When are the fees expected to be paid?

A: The club fees are due when you register your daughter for the club. The team fees are due over two separate payment dates (September 1st and November 1st).




Q. Does SLSG MO ECNL have a Financial Assistance Program available?

A: Yes, All players/families can apply for the Financial Assistance Program (FAP). During the player registration process, you will be able to sign up for the (FAP) by checking a box.




Q. What are the expected SLSG MO ECNL uniform cost?
A: 2018-19 is a New Uniform year. The estimated cost of uniform for any SLSG player is approximately $200. All players will be required to purchase a New Home and Away Uniform which will be a two-year cycle. Additional items can be purchased via Soccer Master uniform ordering system ‘My Uniform’.   


Q. What's the difference between ECNL uniforms and the rest of the club's uniforms?
A: ECNL players will have the ECNL logo on their game uniforms.  There may be an additional item or two to purchase via ‘myuniform’.