St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

4. ECNL Player Identification Program


The ECNL Player Identification Program is intended to provide a better, more efficient, and streamlined process for identifying players with the potential to play with the US Soccer Youth National Teams, and to provide additional exposure and opportunity to top players across the ECNL. 

The ECNL Player ID Program identifies the top players in the ECNL and then provides opportunities for these players to be seen and trained by U.S. Soccer National Team staff.

The identification program has a variety of ways to help the players to be evaluated and identified for US Soccer Youth National Teams.

1. Scouting Network – ECNL works alongside US Soccer to ensure that their scouts are evaluating players at the ECNL National events. This allows players to be identified in a more controlled, relaxed and natural environment for the players.

2. ECNL Player Development Program (ECNL PDP) - The ECNL PDP events provide an opportunity for the top players within every ECNL conference to play with and against the best players within their region at multiple age groups in elite athlete development. ECNL PDP works alongside US Club Soccer’s id2 program.

3. ECNL id2 National Training Camp – Becoming recognized as the most elite girl’s identification event in the country.  Approximately 90 of the nation’s top female youth soccer players are invited for one weekend to participate in training and competition.

See below some FAQ’s related to the Competitive Structure of the ECNL

Q. Are there any costs associated with any of these identification programs or platforms?

A. No. The only additional cost a family would incur is getting their daughter to the event and the 1-night hotel stay for the PDP event. There are no additional costs for a player who is selected to attend the ECNL National id2 camp.

Q. Will US Soccer scouts recommend a player for a YNT training camp after one evaluation?

A. It is not likely a scout or coach would recommend a player for any specialized camp after only one evaluation. The ECNL encourages multiple observations over the course of the year to ensure accurate evaluations before submitting any players to a YNT training camp and or a PDP event.

Q. How are players recommended for PDP events?

A. An ECNL Director recommends players from their club. This list is compared to other club coaches and director’s recommendations and observations to finalize who is invited to the PDP event.

Q. How does SLSG MO ECNL identify players from the St. Louis market?

A.  There are multiple ways in which players may be identified in the St. Louis area; a) players attend interested player kickarounds b) players try out  c) players are identified in local competition by club staffing

Q. Does SLSG MO ENCL have tryouts

A.  Yes, but usually upon individual request, there are not usually specific ECNL tryouts.