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10 THINGS YOU MISSED from the ECNL Opening weekend in Michigan

10 THINGS YOU MISSED from the ECNL Opening weekend in Michigan


The senior players of the U18/19 team enjoying their ‘Last First ECNL Season Opener’ and Isabelle Luebbert shows off her battle scar – 10 THINGS YOU MISSED and 1 BLOOPER from SLSG MO ECNL opening weekend up in Detroit, MI


· 2005’s taking team travel to a whole new level – style first

· Technology gets the better of the coach on Instagram Live

· 2004’s had time to take in a NCAA Div I game - Central Michigan at Michigan State

· Coaching Staff discovers Detroit’s best kept secret, a local Italian establishment




The St. Louis Scott Gallagher - Missouri ECNL teams started their 2018-19 season on the road at Michigan Hawks – Black and Vardar September 8th and 9th 2018. The program returned to St. Louis with positive results, collecting points in 11 of the 12 games (overall record 9-1-2). 


“Anytime you can earn multiple points on the road in the ECNL is a good weekend,” said ECNL Director Ralph Richards.  “The girls faced different challenges both in their own play and from very talented opposition, making for a difficult, but successful, opening weekend.”


However, there are some things you may NOT have knowledge of regarding the opening weekend in Detroit.  SLSGMOECNL brings you 10 things you may have missed from this past ECNL weekend.




New Year, New Look


St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club starts a new two-year uniform cycle.  “Traditionally”, the Elite and ECNL groups add a little color and variation to the look, a color that is tied into the club’s history.


This year the club went with a ‘Lucid’ green sock for the white uniform and transitioned the blue sock to the navy uniform.


Nice Look!








Isabelle Luebbert shows off her “own” new look!



Isabelle Luebbert, a member of the U16 ECNL team was playing in Saturday’s game vs. Michigan Hawks – Black.  



Early into the second half Izzy, being Izzy, was fiercely competing for the ball in the air, and her eye did some damage to an opponent head as they collided resulting in a new look.  As is typical of Izzy; she shook off the knock and continued to play.




‘Cool Shiner’





The Coaching Staff Discovers one of Detroit’s Best Kept Secret



Saturday’s game schedule didn’t leave for a lot of time between games.  With games at 10am, 11:45am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm and 6:00pm; the staff were pushed for time to find a moment to refuel.  



On the drive between field locations, the staff found a sweat spot.  Similar style deli and grocery store to Viviano’s in Fenton, MO.










Last First Game


Every year the oldest team consists of players who are in their final season of playing for SLSG MO ECNL.  For this group of young ladies, this is all they have known.


Saturday September 8th was the last time these girls had a season opener for the ECNL program.  An emotional day, but one full of hope and excitement of the season to come.


‘Family Forever’







U15’s Experiencing a Collegiate Michigan Derby Game


It’s the beginning of Fall (very soon) and that means the college soccer season is upon us and that means for great rivalry.


Coincidently, this past weekend, the University of Michigan was hosting Central Michigan.  This game was a non-conference match up, but one that breeds rivalry nonetheless.  


Several of the U15 players were able to arrive in Michigan with time to attend the game, something we as coaches, love that our girls get to witness these types of high level games.


“It’s just another chance for the girls to see what the standard is, the commitment involved and the sacrifices that go with being a collegiate athlete.”


‘Future Stars’




Pregame Ritual and Honor


In 2016-17 the U18/19 team wanted to leave behind a message that many before had left to them.  The message was simple ‘More Than A Game’.

In 2017-18, the U18/19 team created a pregame ritual that served them well throughout the season. 


That ritual, a pregame cheer; was not just a ‘cheer’.  It was much “more”.  Now all our teams are remembering those who played in the past before each game.  MTAG is a part of our programs identity and we couldn’t be more proud of this fact.










First Game, First Win





The U13 team, the youngest in the ECNL program, consists of players mainly born in 2006. 




Saturday September 8th this group of young ladies (10 - 12-year old’s) played the Michigan Hawks – Black and won 1-0.  The lone goal scored by Alexandra Pfeiffer.








Stylish – Team Travel


The U14 team took the meaning of ‘team travel’, tossed it up in the air and knocked it out of the park.


The girls traveled to and from their games in style; enjoying music, having laughs and getting pumped up.  Not a bad way for a team to bond and continue to build on what is already a strong connected group of young ladies.


This seemed to be a great way to strengthen ‘team chemistry’ off the field, which this weekend, we saw on the field.





ECNL Program – Building upon the Culture



The past few years the ECNL program has traveled to Michigan early in the season.  Each time, the group comes together to continue to evolve and define the programs goals, purpose, and have some fun. This year the program went back to Dave and Buster’s in Livonia, MI.



“Whenever we can get all six teams in a room on one trip we try to do it,” said ECNL Director Ralph Richards.  “Connecting and seeing the interactions of our youngest players (10 years old) with the oldest (seniors in high school), is simply amazing and provides for leadership development.”



#Family #Community #Dedication #Tradition




Rhyan Ward stepping in as ‘Interim coach’


Rhyan Ward, a member of the U13 SLSG MO ECNL team has all the makings of a future coach.


On Saturday after her game was over, Rhyan and Syd Stephens a member of the U17 team were sitting on the bench discussing the U17’s game concepts and restarts.  Five mins later Rhyan has the attention of the entire team.


Prompted by the staff - Rhyan took the team sheet, walked over to the group and started explaining the four key points.  Needless to say, the U17’s won.


‘Some Just Get It’








Technology ‘Instagram Live’ is a foreign concept to some



The U18/19 team decided to post their last first pregame warm-up ‘LIVE’ on Instagram.




The girls were going through their normal movements, enjoying the hits and comments until the phone was knocked over. 




Let’s just say, this was also coach Richards ‘first’ and maybe ‘last’ Instagram Live.




“I honestly thought the black screen meant the recording had stopped,” said Coach Richards. “I later realized that was not the case haha.”



#1 Blooper for the weekend