St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club



Where there is UNITY, there is always VICTORY.


SLSG Girls Coaches, Parents, Players, and Family.  It is that time of year when tournaments and league games start to come at us fast and furiously, so we at the club want to take a moment to remind ourselves that we are ONE.


With a Division of eighty-six (86) teams, it is inevitable that an SLSG group will enter a tournament and be placed in direct competition with another team from our club.  With recommendations to all teams to do less traveling and an added emphasis to focus solely on local competition this fall, a situation where two teams from SLSG are competing against each other will be even more common.  


When this situation presents itself, we encourage coaches to motivate and use fair and smart tactics to promote fun soccer and winning. We encourage players to compete passionately, and do so to win.  We encourage parents and family to cheer for their player and her teammates and hope that the team performs well and wins.  We know you all know where we are going with this note. More importantly than any result, we hope those involved simply celebrate being back on the field and enjoy the game we all love while keeping our Shield Values in mind.  Before, during, and after the game, coaches are always expected to show each other the utmost respect, especially when we compete against each other in this club.  Players should always be humble in victory, especially when competing against other girls in the club.  Furthermore, we encourage players to celebrate their peers' performance regardless of result. And finally, it’s always inspiring when parents of two SLSG teams who are competing against each other, cheer for all the players on both teams and leave the field ONE, regardless of the result.  


We are back on the field and we can’t be more excited.  Let’s continue the Tradition of great sportsmanship that so many club members in past years have made a standard, especially when competing against other SLSG teams!


Have a great weekend,


Club Leadership