St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

"Why" do you Coach?

Your Why

“Coaching is a relationship business - your players aren’t really going to care how much you know about soccer until you show them how much you care about them, their families, and the team.” 

~ John O’Sullivan


I ask you to think about your youth soccer career. Who was your favorite coach?  And why?  I had several great coaches growing up, I was truly fortunate.  They all had played at high levels themselves, they had knowledge of the game, and they could motivate and communicate.  I think most importantly, they treated me like a member of their own family.  This is what I remember most, they cared about my development as a person.  


As the fall season quickly approaches I think it's important to remember our favorite coaches and how they cared about us as both people as well as players.  And if we are going to be remembered as our past coaches are now, we need to be more than just a person who can rattle off how to do techniques, or how to implement a tactic, or train to become a stronger athlete.  We, us coaches, we are more.  Much more.  We have the opportunity to use a game we love to teach our players how to become good people.  This is what my coaches did, it was their “why”, as in, "why they coached".  And it is now what I love coaching. Their example inspired me to make their why, my “why”.  Don’t get me wrong, as a member of this club I am inspired by its mission to “be the best”.  I like to teach skills and strategize.  And for sure, I love to see the players on the team I’m working with smiling after they win matches.  But, the truth is, I love to learn about and teach how the game can teach us values that are important in everyday life.  Having a firm understanding of our “why” is what helps us as coaches figure out which road we should be traveling.  It helps us stay directed and focused both on and off the field with our groups.  


It is that time coaches.  It’s time to revisit your “why”.  Why are you investing time and energy into being a coach?    Our “why” helps us make decisions in the heat of the moment of games, set training priorities, plan team functions, and strategize for matches.  Our “why”, as members of the SLSG staff,  must be about more than a goal to win a trophy.  


I know I speak for the entire staff when I say I’m excited about our coaching line up this year.  So many individuals who care about the city, the club, and the kids who wear the Gallagher jersey.  So to kick off our new season, start again with your “why”.  Put it on paper next to your training notes and session evaluations so you always see it and are reminded as to your reason for giving your players the best of you this season. 



Note ---> Pech and I will be sending some updates by the end of the week with regards to protocols.  As we approach this fall season, that of 2020, we are faced with some new challenges seasons of the past have not presented.  As excited as we are to get the kids back in the game, we have not lost sight of the fact that the health of our members is of the utmost importance.  More to come on this topic soon!