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Below is a quick note from our PCA Mentor.  The read on Lebron and Michael is quick and interesting, enjoy.


After two exciting Game 7s in the Conference Finals, the NBA Finals is set to begin this Thursday!  It seems this time of year, as Lebron James sets to participate in his eighth consecutive NBA Finals series, the debate arises: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?  It's almost taken on the importance of vanilla or chocolate ice cream given how much these two men have contributed to the league.  


It's an argument that has merit on both sides, and there's no real right answer, of course.  But it got me to thinking, "Who would really be in the best position to answer this question?"

And it turns out, there are four men on Earth who are best positioned to weigh in on this debate: Brendan Haywood, Larry Hughes, Jerry Stackhouse and Scott Williams.

What do these four guys have in common?  They played with both Michael and LeBron.  And I was fortunate to come across a February 2018 interview with Brendan Haywood, and what he says about both has little to do with their talent and a lot to do with their attitude.  Haywood's answers were completely devoid of things like statistics, Finals played in, championships won, individual awards achieved.  No, Haywood discusses what it was like to have both as teammates, how they treated their teammates and coaches, how they set and maintained the team culture, and how they elevated every other person in the organization to strive for the level of success that they both did.

Life Alongside Jordan and LeBron - John Gonzalez - The Ringer


Take a read, share with your players, and as always - let me know your thoughts!