St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Spotlight Team - 07 Roma

SLSG 07 Roma #Unity&Passion

Upon hanging up the phone, Stich (Matt Stichling - Junior Age Director) and Drea (Andrea Barklage - 07 Premier Coach) looked at the other SLSG staff members sitting in the grill and said, "Well that was easy."  They were referring to a couple of conversations they had just finished with 07 Roma coach, considered by all to be a  "club guy", Mike Hampton.  A new team, 07 Roma was just starting to get a little rhythm this season between training and games and the club already needed to make some personnel changes, to which Mike had no objections.  In his tenth year of coaching for SLSG, Mike states his purpose for coaching in his free time is not to simply try and win a soccer game, but instead, "To instill the passion I have for this sport into the next generation!  Teaching each kid to push themselves to become the best they can be, not just on the field, but off the field too is something I love to do."  Mike is a believer in teaching players to "take ownership" and "to have a voice" as well as to "stand up for each other because teammates are sisters, family."  

Management at SLSG attributes the continued positive growth of the club to its culture, and the organization's members living the game in a way that is reflective of the clubs Shield Values.  Mike's nurturing coaching style complimented by his passion to teach values of Unity and Passion, is simply one of the many factors SLSG is becoming such a positive soccer community.  


Thanks to Mike and all of his families for your loyalty and support of SLSG.  Good luck with the rest of your fall season!




Each month, SLSG will feature a spotlight team, a team "Living the Shield".  This spotlight may coincide with a team's success on the field but not necessarily.  "Living the Shield" spotlight describes a team, noted by staff or other members of the club, for representing our club 'values' in a special and/or extreme manner and as a result should be recognized for living excellently as well as playing excellently.