St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

It's That Time of Year!

  • GUEST PLAYERS; Coaches, our league is full speed ahead and we love it!  But we are also presented different challenges at this time of year, or otherwise known as "spring break" :)  Players on your team will be headed for warmer climates and some fun in the sun with family at the same time you have games scheduled.  We are here to help, just be courteous and give your respective Divison Director ample time to make arrangements for any guest players you may need.  Thank you!

  • LEAGUE SCHEDULE; One of the benefits of hosting our own league is that it is flexible and we are willing to adapt to benefit our members for any number of reasons.  But this also means the P-League schedule is a living breathing beast, and you MUST check schedules weekly to stay in tune with any possible changes.  We appreciate your attention to this each week, it is for the betterment of our families that we stay on top of schedules.