St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Fourth Edition / Volume 7

Coaches, happy April/Almost May!  Happy spring weather!! Finally!

"Players practice, train, and compete with players of like-ability."  This has been SLSG's philosophy with regards to player placement since 2008 and this belief continues to be the foundation for how the rosters of the majority of our teams in the club are assembled.  

As the spring season moves along at warp speed, most of you know, the club is heavily involved in the Player Placement Process (ID2019). Specifically in the girls division, the focus is on  the youngest ages (current U9 thru U12) since our oldest aged teams are currently playing for their respective schools.  The Staff and I thought it would be a good time to refresh all those involved in the process as to the actual step we take in the Girls MO Division to establish our teams from one year to the next.  Feel free to pass this info on to your families when they have questions or to also refresh their memories as to how the process works.

**Note - Reminder that the process in each age group can vary, not each age group need go through each and every step, but the process in currently underway at each age.

Step 1.  Each winter, Age Group Directors (Matt Stichling for the younger ages) host meetings (or has a phone conversation or personal chat with each coach in the age group) with the age groups who will be most impacted by the player placement process.  In those meetings the director will give a step by step plan regarding what is to come in the spring with regards to the ID process.  Coaches normally ask questions and the conversations have normally been incredibly positive.  

Step 2.  The Age Group Director assigns full and part time staff of the club to train certain age groups (U12).  Notes from those sessions about each player are then put into a data center that the staff can refer to if needed.

Step 3.  The Age Group Director assigns full and part time staff to observe and evaluate teams in the Premier league.  (Each team in the current U12 age group was evaluated twice by staff and this process continues)

Step 4.  The club schedules "ID Sessions" throughout the month of May.  These sessions are invite only and may or may not begin to include players from outside the club.  The number of sessions may differ from age group to age group.  At the same time, the Age Group Director will connect with each team coach in respective age groups and let them know if a player has been identified and will be invited to one of the ID Sessions.  

Step 5.  The tiers are created (Elite Development Teams / Premier Development Teams for the upcoming U9 thru U12 age groups or ECNL, Elite, Premier at the upcoming U13 age group).  Simultaneously through inner player movement and Interested Player Kick-arounds all teams in the age group are solidified.  This is theoretically finished by Memorial Day weekend at the younger ages.  

**Note - Other forms of identification, especially in the current U10 and U12 age group include feedback from the Soccer School trainers if applicable, Staff hosted team trainings, and special invite ID Sessions.


**Note - The high school age teams usually have very little player movement or roster disruption once they reach the U16 age group.  Once again the club will host IPK's in late May for any outside players that would like to be evaluated for the few open spots we have on our oldest teams.

Coaches, if you or any of your families have questions about the process we are currently working through, you may either refer them to the Age Group Director or send them the Player Pathway document that is included in each months Directors Notes.  

As always we appreciate your relentless and positive efforts to provide the girls of SLSG with a positive soccer experience.  We know that the spring can sometimes be a challenge.  The season always seems to go by so fast and we all just want to enjoy the final months/weeks with our teams before the summer vacation.  At the same time, and just as important, we have to give attention to the player placement process in the best interest of the individual players on our teams.  Believe me coaches and managers, you are appreicated.