St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Coaching Development Program!

For Directors Note – April 29, 2019


With the end of the 2018/19 season approaching, I wanted to ttake this opportunity to let every one know I have been incredibly impressed with the job all of you have done helping the players develop and improve and enjoy.. Each of the coaches I have interacted with even in the slightest of ways has obviously set out to challenge their players  each and every practice and game. I thank you, no, we throughtout the club thank you, for this effort and sacrifice.  I believe it is the commitment of all of you coaches that is, in large part, making SLSG special. 

In my experience, I thinkk there's sometimes a tendancey to "coast" as the end of the season.  I really doesn't matter what level or age you are coaching, it happens to all of us, we sometimes take the foot off the gas pedal. But learn from my mistakes,  continue to prepare, demand, and challenge your players through the end of the season. Your players are just as apt ro develop in May as they are in September!!!  We, just as anyone of our players would be, are motivated by seeing and feeling the kids improve.  Arriving at practice prepared, enthused, and energized helps our athletes stay engaged and in turn can enhance the development process..  The players know if we are in to what we are saying and doing, they will feed off of our excitement or our casualness.  I think it's important to continue to encourage our players to maintain their teachable spirit,! Tweak your sessions to keep their curiosity high, search to find moments to teach and coach. Remember, the one coaching point that helps the player turn the corner and help them achieve their goals could come here in May!

And above all coaches, enjoy the time you have left with the players this season. I am sure there have been fun and humorous moments through the year. Don't be afraid to reminisce and relive the good times. And set some goals for yourself.  For example, how can you create a couple more great moments this season, or.set one last goal you wojld like the team to try to achieve (state cup) or, maybe have a few positive conversations with a player/s who you feel hasn't heard enough positivity throughout the course of the year.  These are the same things I'm thinking I need to do with my teams as May begins, and I'm excited to make one last effort to have a positive impact on the kids.

Coaches, again, thank you very much for your commitment to the players and commitment to the club. The club has enjoyed a number of successes this year. You have contributed greatly to those successes.