St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

10K Coaches

10K Coaches

"A club should strive to give it's players ten thousand experiences, rather than just ten thousand hours of practice."

~Nick Cox - English FA


IN 2018 the SLSG Girls 'refocused' it's efforts to provide an overriding holistic approach to player/person development.  The club is incredibly proud of its track record for developing soccer players and teams, many that go on to find success at all levels of the game.  On this developmental journey, though, SLSG feels it important that players also enjoy time off the field as a team to build relationships.  This off the field time is spent in many different way such as at team meals, or team gatherings at events  (FC Games), or through team motivated community service (upper 90).  

We refer to this time off the field as "More Than A Game" (#MTAG) and it's an initiative the Girls Divison feels will help provide our young players with the experience in the game that they deserve, one that is filled with both positive achievements as well as challenges, but in the end, relationships between themselves and teammate/sclub for a llifetime.  

"10K Coaches" are SLSG coaches who actively and visibly promote the #MTAG initiative!