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Director's Notes - Third Edition / Volume 7

"Leadership is an action, not a position." ~Phil Jackson

As we make our way into the middle of April, now having played in several spring league games and maybe even a tournament or two, it is the perfect time to give our players a little "progress report".  This isn't something that the club officially mandates, but instead, a suggestion.  Why?  The simplest answer, taken from the 'Teacher of Teachers' Doug Lemov, "Feedback can be the most productive way to improve learning.  Feedback's purpose is not necessarily to make someone feel better, but to make someone perform better".  Assuming all our players have been given at least one hardcopy evaluation this season, giving them real concepts that they should try to improve upon, it may be beneficial to give them a little reminder as to what you discussed with them and if they have been able to put the feedback into action.  This can be as simple as a thirty-second conversation as your training session is about to start or, as I've witnessed some coaches do, hand each player an index card praising their efforts to improve in areas you have discussed.  No matter how this quick follow up to our evaluation from the winter is conducted, it is a great way to connect with each individual on your team as well as a way to continue giving them real-time guidance and teaching in this game we love.  

Coaching Development

"Where's the intensity!"


As the new week was about to begin it was time to put my training plan together to help my groups get ready for their next set of games.  I sat in my office chair at home, reflecting on the past weekends games. I thought to myself, "We need to defend better."  I put together exercises to refresh players in the area of 1v1 defending as well as exercises to force the players to work on pressure and cover in small group defending exercises.  The entire week's plan was a progression from individual defending to full team defending to create more individual discipline, team organization, and understanding from the defensive side of the ball.  The week started well, the 1v1 defending exercises were forcing players to take away passing lanes as well as bend runs as they closed down the ball.  The players seemed to focus on the purpose of the weeks training.  The next evening we moved to small group defending that required timely movement and communication between teammates.  I was hoping to get to some simulated "team defending" but we could not move past this current exercise.  The exercise "looked good" and it seemed like the girls were working.  But were they getting "work done"?  My co-coach asked me, "Where's the intensity in their movements?"  That's when I realized that the session was not helping the players as much as it could, simply because I was not demanding enough intensity.  The pressure was correct in most cases, the cover sharp, but the girls were going "through the motions" because they had done the exercise before or because I wasn't motivating them to compete.  Either way, I had to chat with them about the energy they were putting in to the exercise so that the session would have the chance to translate to the game on the weekend.  I would imagine that we all have exercises we have used repeatedly throughout the season.  As the season is progressing through its ninth month be sure to keep an eye on the energy the girls are putting in to these exercises so that you can see benefit on the weekend.  It may be helpful to ask a co-coach to help you, or if you don't have a co-coach, ask a coach of another team to help you one evening.  The added perspective can make a big difference in how a particular exercise, being repeated, impacts your players.  


Click here for some interesting perspective on training in our land versus another that relates to my week described above.  Hope you enjoy, have a great weekend on the field!


Pecher's Pitch

Letter From Steve Pecher

New Creve Coeur Complex

Stichling's Suggestions

It's That Time of Year!

  • GUEST PLAYERS; Coaches, our league is full speed ahead and we love it!  But we are also presented different challenges at this time of year, or otherwise known as "spring break" :)  Players on your team will be headed for warmer climates and some fun in the sun with family at the same time you have games scheduled.  We are here to help, just be courteous and give your respective Divison Director ample time to make arrangements for any guest players you may need.  Thank you!

  • LEAGUE SCHEDULE; One of the benefits of hosting our own league is that it is flexible and we are willing to adapt to benefit our members for any number of reasons.  But this also means the P-League schedule is a living breathing beast, and you MUST check schedules weekly to stay in tune with any possible changes.  We appreciate your attention to this each week, it is for the betterment of our families that we stay on top of schedules.  

Update on Training Gear!

Coaches/Managers, especially those just joining the club, please see the latest instructions regarding Training Gear.

  • Training Gear Email – Please send all training gear requests to
  • Training Gear Requests - Training gear requests should only come from the team manager and not individual parents to ensure efficiency and avoid double gear requests for the same player.
  • Training Gear Confirmation - All training gear request emails will receive a confirmation that we’ve received the request and notification of the next steps. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48hrs please send another email as it is very likely that your email never went through OR has ended in a spam folder.
  • Gage Expectations - We receive a high quantity of gear requests each day. Please do not promise families that their gear will be available for same day pickup or the following day. We will turn around training gear requests within 3 business days (does not include Saturday and Sunday) unless there are other matters that take precedence in which case I will be in constant communication with the Team Manager as to when the gear will be available.
  • Pick Up – When the gear is confirmed to be ready for pickup it will be left under the name of the individual (ideally team manager) who initially emailed requesting the training gear. Please pick up all gear within 48hrs OR at the time agreed upon between the team manager and David. We have very limited space in the office and shop and we will no longer be leaving gear in the hallway for people to pick up.
  • Training shorts and socks - Please remind everyone that they will receive shirts and balls from SLSG and shorts and socks from Soccer Master. Additionally, please be proactive in providing steps to parents explain how they can order training gear online via Soccer Master.

The Keeper Corner

GoalKeeper Training

Spring goalkeeper training is now in full swing! SLSG continues to produce some of the top keepers in the Midwest Region! Tim Kelly and Staff will continue to work hard this spring to help players improve and reach their potential.  For a complete schedule please refer to materials sent via email from the Program Director.





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For any question, please reach out to your respective Division Directors

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