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Director's Notes - Third Edition / Volume 8

2018/19 Season Initiatives

"We cannot become who we are destined to become 

by remaining who we are."


Coaches, I hope that the spring has treated you well and that you have been able to enjoy the lessons the game can provide, the sense of identity your teams can give you, and I hope that you all experienced the joy of teaching the game and other life lessons through the process of development.  In this month's Director's Notes, I would like to discuss some of the slight adjustments our Divison will attempt to make for next fall specifically how we as a Staff are trying to be forward thinking in the areas of "Connecting Age Groups through Service" and enhancing "On Field Performance".  


In our Annual Winter MO Girls Coaches Meeting this past February, I explained how the U11 (2007) age group, in its entirety, participated in an Upper 90 Project and adopted a family of 29 who had recently moved to STL from Uganda.  With the help of Staff including Eric Schmidt, Matt Stichling, Shaunna Brandt, Tim Kelly, and Kenny Godat plus an overwhelming amount of help from Carla and John Valenti, the players, coaches, managers, and parents of each team in the 07 age group collected toys, household needs, furniture, and other donations and then delivered these items to the family over the winter holiday.  A rewarding experience to say the least and one we will surely try to repeat annually with the U11 age group.  The vision we have as a Staff is that at some point, we will witness each age group in the club working together on different Upper 90 projects.  We are determined to see this vision become reality in the next few years.  More to come on this in the future, but please keep this in mind for the upcoming year and share any thoughts or ideas with the Staff if you would like to be a part of this vision. 


The second concept/s we as a Staff felt should be a focal point this year and next, even more than usual, was based on the question,  What can we do to improve the overall experience of the player while simultaneously enhancing "On-field Performance"?  What exactly were we thinking when we came up with this term, "On-field Performance"?  Yes, of course, we thought to ourselves, "Can we help all of our teams raise more trophies or get more medals"?. But the more we discussed progressing as a Division, "winning games", simply became a consequence of improvements in other areas we feel more important including; (click on the bullet points for detailed info)


All of these items will be covered at length in your team meeting held by an Age Group Coordinator at some point this summer.  So it is important that you familiarize yourself with how the club will be operating in the future.

Coaching Development Program Updates - Dale Schilly

Upcoming Events and Recent Articles of Note

Below is a quick note from our PCA Mentor.  The read on Lebron and Michael is quick and interesting, enjoy.


After two exciting Game 7s in the Conference Finals, the NBA Finals is set to begin this Thursday!  It seems this time of year, as Lebron James sets to participate in his eighth consecutive NBA Finals series, the debate arises: Michael Jordan or LeBron James?  It's almost taken on the importance of vanilla or chocolate ice cream given how much these two men have contributed to the league.  


It's an argument that has merit on both sides, and there's no real right answer, of course.  But it got me to thinking, "Who would really be in the best position to answer this question?"

And it turns out, there are four men on Earth who are best positioned to weigh in on this debate: Brendan Haywood, Larry Hughes, Jerry Stackhouse and Scott Williams.

What do these four guys have in common?  They played with both Michael and LeBron.  And I was fortunate to come across a February 2018 interview with Brendan Haywood, and what he says about both has little to do with their talent and a lot to do with their attitude.  Haywood's answers were completely devoid of things like statistics, Finals played in, championships won, individual awards achieved.  No, Haywood discusses what it was like to have both as teammates, how they treated their teammates and coaches, how they set and maintained the team culture, and how they elevated every other person in the organization to strive for the level of success that they both did.

Life Alongside Jordan and LeBron - John Gonzalez - The Ringer


Take a read, share with your players, and as always - let me know your thoughts!

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Program Director Updates - Steve Pecher

State Cup!

State Cup!

This weekend many of our girls (and boys) teams will begin their "quest for the Cup!".  If you aren't busy take a look at the schedule (click here) and see if you can come out and support some of our teams in their big matches!!

New Creve Coeur Complex

Age Group Director/Coordinator Updates

It's That Time of Year!

Age Group Directors/Coordinators will be connecting with coaches and parents alike to set up and host team meetings to discuss competition calendars, club policies, parent and player expectations, and of course welcome all to the club for the 2018-19 season.  Please be on the lookout for an invitation to sit with your respective AGC Matt Stichling, Carlton Williams, or Scott McDoniel.

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