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Director's Notes - Fourth Edition / Volume 1

Welcome Back

Thank You!

A week ago today the SLSG MO Girls hosted its Annual Welcome Back Coaches Meeting in an effort to get our season started while hearing the same message and working in the same direction for our players.  Pech and I thank you all for joining us last Tuesday and once again showing your commitment. With just over 80% of our 91 teams represented at the meeting, it's obvious to us that we have an enthusiastic and engaged staff who are all contributing to the "team" vibe that can be felt in our MO Girls Division.

  "Clubs should provide players with 10,000 experiences, not just 10,000 hours of practice." a quote from Nick Cox of the FA in England, and also used in the meeting presentation to describe our "Person before Player" ideology, has obviously been met with wide acceptance from all of you based on your immediate feedback.  In just a few quick chats with those of you who came to the meeting it is comforting to know that we share the same reasons for coaching, or in other words, our "WHY" we do what we do for this club and that's "To teach, impact, and positively influence the lives of our youth through the game we love."  There is no question in my mind that if we continue to have this philosophy of teaching and coaching combined with a determined and focused effort to teach techniques, skills, and tactics, great performances will follow on and off the field and as a Club Staff, we will continue pushing towards our mission.  


I have included a link to the presentation from last weeks meeting, as always if you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the Directors.

Program Director Updates - Steve Pecher

Grants Farm!

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Other Notes From our Program Director


*Coaches, as always, remind your players to clean your training and game area of all trash, gear, and field accessories upon finishing your session time, thank you!

*Coaches, if you or your players misplace something please check the Lost & Found on the North Patio, thank you!

Coaching Development Program Updates - Dale Schilly

PCA - U10 Coaches & Managers Please Read and Pass on to Families Again

Parents of SLSG 2010 Player,
Welcome to the St. Louis Scott Gallagher fall soccer season.  The staff and coaches are excited to have your child competing with us this fall.   We look forward to being a part of your child’s development and eager to see them grow as players and people.
St. Louis Scott Gallagher and Positive Coaching Alliance have collaborated to present our 2nd PCA Parent Seminar to take place on Saturday, August 25 at the Worldwide Technology Soccer Park.  The seminar will focus on parents’ involvement in providing our children a positive, character-building sports experience.  The PCA Parent Seminar is another cooperative effort between the two organizations, the first of which was a highly successful Leadership Workshop followed by a Mentoring Workshop for the St. Louis Scott Gallagher Full Time Technical Staff.  Last year, PCA also presented a Leadership Workshop for the Club Coaches of the program.
The Positive Coaching Alliance is an essential component of the St. Louis Scott Gallagher youth development program.   This Parent Seminar, like the Leadership and Mentoring Workshops, brings us another step closer to reaching our mission of developing players both on and off of the field.  The philosophies of the two organizations are uniformly aligned as behavior and interaction between coaches, players and families lie at the heart of our missions. Parents experiencing the PCA message at the PCA Parent Seminar are taking a critical step to aligning all of our members to how we expect each other to behave.
We ask that one parent of every 2010 SLSG player joins us for a meeting on August 25th.  We prefer that your child not be in attendance so that all can interact during the workshop without distraction.  Please register for the event at SLSG – PCA 2010 Parent Meeting
If you cannot make one of the three meeting times offered on August 25, please let me know so I can arrange an online workshop.  My email address is   
Thank you for your support.  We look forward to seeing you on the fields.

Age Group Director/Coordinator Updates


Coaches, with the start of league games approaching quickly we ask that you pay special attention to two specifics;

*Make sure you have your ID Cards

*Look ahead, and if you have players with game conflicts and you need guest players, Division Directors need to know immediately so we can be as effective as possible in our efforts to help.  

The Keeper Corner

GoalKeeper Training

Visit our Goalkeeping webpage on the SLSG website for info on all Fall GK Training Schedules!




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