St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Third Edition/Volume 6

The Mo-Girls Division feels it is important that we routinely present new growth challenges to our staff members with the objective to benefit our members.  This winter we have decided to make several changes for the 2018-19 season, changes that include Program Names, Program Directors, and of course Staff movement throughout the Divison.

SLSG is excited to announce that our current "Premier Program" will now be known as the "Elite Program" from U13 - U18.  In an effort to align with the Mo-Boys Division, and to honor the quality levels created both on and off the field by our current Premier coaches, players, and families, we feel it only fitting. The Program should be given a status that properly describes the players at this level and represents the efforts they give each and every day.  Sterling Wescott, current Premier Program Director, has built a special platform inside the club for players who are committed to playing in the top divisions of the Midwest Regional League, regional and national college showcases, and of course, competing to win State Cups.  We are proud of what Sterling and his staff (Shaunna Brandt, Carlton Williams, Steve Pecher and Drea Barklage) and the dedication and attention to each players development they have given and continue to provide for the clubs players.  

In accordance with our desire to be progressive for the members of the club, the Elite Program will have a new Program Director.  Please join me in congratulating Shaunna Brandt, as the new Elite Program Director for 2018/19.  Shaunna, the former D1 college coach at the University of Missouri, as well as a D1 goalkeeper at the University of Indiana, has expressed true gratitude and excitement about her new leadership role in the club.  Shaunna will bring a disciplined and intense approach to the program that will ensure an energized environment.  Shaunna will not only be the Programs leader, but she will also be the head coach of the oldest age groups, U17 and U18.  Joining Shaunna as a head coach in the high school age groups at U15 and U16 is Drea Barklage.  Drea is a lifelong member of the club as a player, camp director, and coach.  The former Incarnate Word and University of West Virginia star who has been working for the club in a full-time capacity for two years will undoubtedly bring a fresh, demanding, and intense attitude to the field each day that we know will push and inspire her players.  Steve Pecher, a veteran coach as well as SLSG's Club Director, will continue in his head coaching role at the U13 and U14 ages.  

Sterling Wescott and Carlton Williams have taken on new roles in the club, both moving to younger age groups to work with the future of our club.  Sterling, a "true professional", will be working primarily with the top players in the U11 and U12 age groups in cooperation with Matt Stichling.  Sterling, who has been working in the high school age groups for the past ten years for SLSG, will be a true benefit to our younger players, developing disciplined technical habits that will help them play with flair and skill.  Carlton, former professional player and one of the clubs finest personalities, will be working with multiple levels alongside Eric Schmidt at the U9 and U10 age groups.  

The Mo-Girls Division could not be more excited about the changes we have made for the 2018/19 season.  We believe that change will stimulate growth in all those involved and keep us moving towards our mission, "To be the Best Club in the Country."