St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Third Edition/Volume 5

'Tis the Season :)

As the Fall Season comes to a close, "Tis the Season" for self-reflection and feedback for both coach and player.  As coaches/teachers, it is important that we ask ourselves some questions regarding our fall season regardless of our results on the field.  A lot of wins or losses may not accurately depict the health of a team and out of respect to the players and their families, it should be a priority of ours to constantly think about the many different layers of development and nurturing that are involved in our coaching responsibilities.  Furthermore, each player, if they don't know already from daily feedback, should be given the opportunity to hear how you "see" them inside the team.  I have always found Evaluations to be a great way to positively connect with my players and the parents through discussion of some of their strengths and weaknesses or just life as a whole.  The conversations that result from our written observations of the player's performance can be opportunities to build confidence in our players and develop character and leadership qualities in each individual.  I realize that this element of our coaching responsibilities comes at a busy time of year due to our desire to spend time with family, annual holiday parties begin to crowd our calendar, and our teams may be doing indoor or futsal.  But it is important we get constructive feedback to our players prior to the new year so that individuals are given appropriate time to reflect on their coaches observations, make plans to improve, and then work on any skills they need to improve upon to develop their game.  As always, I've attached an article for your reading entertainment.  At the least, skip to the bottom of the story and think about the questions the author gives us to help with self-reflection.  The answers may help you plan for the Winter and Spring seasons that will be upon us in a blink.  Also, you can find a link to the player evaluation form on the right-hand side of this page.  If I don't see you before, have a great start to your winter season! 


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