St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Directors Notes -Fourth Edition Volume 2

"You will never get a second chance to make a first impression"

Labor Day Weekend!  Some equate this holiday with BBQ's, trips to the lake, and some downtime with family.  Many of us here in SLSG, however, hear Labor Day and we think "The Friendlies!". This tourney has become incredibly popular in the Midwest Region for many reasons.  First, because the games are early in the calendar, they help us coaches determine where our teams are in their preparation for the season.  Secondly, because the games are "real but friendly" we as coaches can experiment with strategy, systems, lineups and let players play different positions without the pressure of needing to win each game to get a trophy.   

This is also the first time of the season that clubs, teams, and families travel to our city for one of our nine annual events and from the club's perspective, it's important they are impressed not just with the talent our players possess, but also they should leave STL with the impression we truly appreciate their presence on our fields.  They should witness players competing hard but putting on display the values we hold dear to us at SLSG.  Opposing coaches and players should hear sidelines that boast soccer knowledge, encouraging support, and  an energy that radiates an enjoyment for the game.  Honestly, we hope that all the people from inside STL and out, who attend our events, should leave wanting to come back to then next.  This is something we control coaches.  Create a competitive and inviting environment at your game while preparing your girls for the remainder of the season.  

As always, good luck to everyone participating in the friendlies or elsewhere this weekend, and I hope to see you on the field soon!