St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Welcome Letter

Dear SLSG Parent(s),


My name is (manager name) and I will be serving as the (insert SLSG team name here) manager for the 2019-2020 season.  I will be here to help our team with staying organized throughout the season. There are a few critical items that as parents, you must do for your child in order to get him/her added to our roster and officially eligible to participate in our games this season.  These items are:

  1. Register your son/daughter with SLSG

  2. Pay club fees

  3. Create or Update child’s account in Affinity (formerly GotSoccer)

  4. Order uniform and submit info for training gear


Please note, it is SLSG Club policy that a player will NOT be added to a roster and provided a player card until they have registered with SLSG and paid their club fees and have an updated player account in Affinity (system that has replaced GotSoccer).  Furthermore, the club will not create a team roster and issue the team’s player cards until all members of the team have registered and paid.  We will need to have our player cards prior to our first game (league or tournament), so this process is time-sensitive.


I have included information below to help you with accomplishing these items.  I have also included points of contact with the club for any questions you may have as it pertains to a specific task.  I do appreciate your assistance in taking care of these items in a prompt manner so that I can work with the club registrar to get our team’s MYSA roster and player cards generated in plenty of time prior to our first game.

  • Register with SLSG- click here and then click the red “Register my Child” button; be sure you select “Missouri Club Fee Registration” as the program to register for

  • Payment of club fees- paid during registration; for questions regarding payment or to set up a payment plan for club fees, please contact Michelle Chapman at mchapman@saintlouisfc.com; for questions about the FAP program, please contact Justin Bernaix at JBernaix@SLSGsoccer.com

    • Please note, if you select FAP during the registration payment/checkout process and intend to participate in the FAP program, you MUST complete the application for FAP immediately after completing registration (click here for link to application).  You will then be contacted by Michelle Chapman to get your FAP plan setup.

    • Please also note, that if you are approved for FAP, you will be approved for a set number of hours to work and will be responsible for paying your remaining balance.  If you fail to work any hours and submit any payment by October 1st, your son/daughter will be removed from their teams MYSA roster, therefore becoming ineligible to play.

    • If you inadvertently select FAP and close out of registration, you MUST contact Michelle Chapman to complete payment or set up payment plan (the system will no longer allow you to submit a payment online at this point)

    • If you select “pay by check” as your method of payment during the registration payment/checkout process, you MUST mail a check in ASAP to the following address (registration will not be completed until payment has been received):  



Michelle Chapman- Club Fees

1 Soccer Park Rd.

Fenton, MO 63026


  • Affinity player account- click here; if you already have an account, be sure it is updated with all personal info AND you have a current picture/headshot uploaded to your child’s account; please contact Matt Mueller (for boys) at mmueller@slsgsoccer.com or Shaunna Brandt (for girls) at sbrandt@slsgsoccer.com for questions regarding your child’s Affinitiy account

  • Uniform Ordering- please reply to me with an email address (only one) you would like to be use to order your child’s uniform; once I receive all emails, I will load them into the MyUniform system.  You will then receive an email from MyUniform (powered by SoccerMaster) with the link and instructions on how to complete ordering

  • Training gear- please email me with your son/daughter’s sizes for: shirt, short and socks (specify youth/adult/women’s); your child will also receive a soccer ball


Again, because these items are time-sensitive, I do appreciate your promptness in getting these things taken care of so that I may assist the club registrar in getting our MYSA roster and cards.  I am here to help you throughout the year and am looking forward to a fun experience and watching our kids grow through the game. Thank you!