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Team Tournaments

Team Tournaments

SLSG has several tournaments throughout the year that may interest your team.  You can find the list of all tournaments for the year by visiting this link: .  


Additionally, you may contact SLSG Tournament Director, Mitch Bohnak, with questions about any SLSG tournaments or suggestions on other tournaments that may better fit your teams desires (i.e. an out of town event, over a specific time, etc.).  You can reach Mitch at his contact info below.


Each tournament will have it’s own method for submitting an application.  Please check the tournament website for directions on how to apply.  Most tournaments will use GotSoccer or TGS for applications.

Tournament Information

Required Documents for Tournament Registration


For most tournaments, you will be required to provide an official MYSA Roster, MYSA Player Cards, Travel Permit (for out-of-state tournaments), and medical release forms.  You can locate your MYSA Roster and cards through your team profile through Affinity. MORE INFO ON THIS TO COME. Some events may also require a Tournament Roster to be submitted.


Some events you may be able to upload your documents online, others you may be required to email them in, and others may require you to have hard copies to turn in at a specified registration time at the event.  Please be sure you follow the requests and directions from the tournament itself.


Travel Permits


If your team does intend to participate in a tournament or event that will take place outside the state of Missouri, you will be required to have a travel permit.  You can get a travel permit by accessing your Affinity account as a manager or coach.  Under the “My Account” section, scroll to the bottom where you will see a tab for “Teams.”  You should see listed all teams that you are on a roster for.  Click on the team you need to request the travel permit for and then click "Team Info.”  This is where you can apply for the travel permit.  Please note, a fee of $15 will be required upon request.


Medical Release Forms


Many tournaments/events/leagues require you to provide copies of your teams medical release forms as part of the registration process.  Additionally, you should always have your a copy of your teams signed medical release forms on hand in the event of an emergency for any player.  You can locate your team’s medical release forms by logging into your Affinity account as a manager or coach.  Under the “My Account” section, scroll to the bottom where you will see a tab for “Teams.  You should see listed all teams that you are on a roster for.  Click on the team you wish to get medical release forms for and then click “Team Info.”  This is where you should be able to access these documents.


SLSG Tournament Roster Form


If you are going to participate in an SLSG tournament at any point, you will be required to submit a Tournament Roster Form.  Below you can find the attachment to this form. Complete it and save it to your computer so you can then upload it along with other required documents as part of the tournament registration.  SLSG TOURNAMENT ROSTER FORM


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