St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Team Accounts

Point of ContactAngie Eastridge -


All teams have an account set up by SLSG to "house" your team funds (remember - team fees are COMPLETELY SEPARATE from club fees).  SLSG is not a bank and will not cut checks out for those teams who have negative balances.  It is the managers duty to collect all team fees, keep a ledger of the payments, and to then turn them into the club.


Angie will monitor your account and make any payments that you request.  These check requests should be emailed to Angie.


Please allow 3-5 days for ALL check requests to go out.


When requesting a check please include the following information:

- Who to make the check to

   ​-​ Who to send it to
  ​ - How much the check is for and what team you are with (team account number included).


You can mail deposits (NO CASH) or you can drop them off at Soccer Park (you can bring them to the office during the day or put them in the drop box by the concession stand at night).


Always mark the deposits with your team account number.  If you do not know it, please email Angie.


Please email Angie at anytime to ask to see a statement of your team account.  It’s a good idea to ask for this monthly so that any errors can be caught quickly. Never hesitate to email Angie for any questions in regards to your team account and she will respond quickly.


St. Louis Scott Gallagher

#1 Soccer Park Road

Fenton, MO 63026

Attn: Angie Eastridge


SLSG has permission to automatically debit your team account for the following charges:

  ​-​ MYSA Cards/Admin Fee

  ​-​ SLSG Tournaments (if applicable)
  -​ Premier League fees (U9 and up)
  -​ SLYSA
- Soccer Master