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Club Fee Registration

Club Fee Registration

All members of your team must register with SLSG and pay their club fees for the 2019-2020 season.  Club fee registration opens on June 1st. Your assistance is needed to make sure that all members of your team are registered and paid ASAP.  Your team’s MYSA roster and player cards will not be generated until ALL members of your team have registered AND paid.  Payment is defined as one of the following:

  1. Paid in full using credit card online- this is the fasted way of getting account credited

  2. Check has been received and account credited

  3. First installment of payment plan has been received and account credited

  4. Approved for FAP and $200 deposit received and account credited


To register, all members must go through the registration process:

  • Go to

  • Click on the green button on the right side of the page that says “Register For SLSG”

    • If your child is a returning player, log into your family account that you created last year

    • If your child is new to SLSG, create an account and enter in all parents and participants and relevant family information

  • Select the program “SLSG Missouri Club Fee Registration”

  • Full payment is due at the end of registration


There are different methods of payment members may select from.  Details for each are outlined below:

  • Pay in full at time of registration- pay by credit card; save and close registration

  • Pay by check- you may select “pay by check” and then save and close out registration; you must then mail a check in to pay in full to the mailing address below

  • Financial Assistance Program (FAP)- This is a program offered to members who are in need of a “work to play” option.  Members MUST apply AND be accepted into this program. The link to apply is listed below. If accepted, you must mail a check for $200 to the address below as a deposit.  If accepted, you will be approved for a set number of hours that you will be responsible for working throughout the year.  If you select FAP as your method of payment and save and close out of registration, you will not be able to change that selection and pay using another method at another time.  You must then contact Michelle Chapman via email at for assistance.

  • Payment Plan Option- If a payment plan is needed, you may get set up on a payment plan to break up the club fee payment.  To do this, you must select “pay by check” as your method of payment. This will allow you to save and close out of registration without paying.  Immediately after you close out, you must contact Michelle Chapman via email at to get set up on a payment plan.


Past Due Invoice


Please note that if you have a past due invoice (from previous club programming participation), full payment for that past due balance must be received before you will be allowed to pay for new registration.

FAP Application Link:


Mailing Address to Send Checks


Michelle Chapman - Club Fees

1 Soccer Park Rd.

Fenton, MO 63026


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