St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

P6 Reschedule Policy

The club strongly encourages teams to exhaust all options before choosing to forfeit your game.


There are 3 reschedule options:


1. Game Switch

This option requires the team who has the conflict to coordinate with the opponent of the game in conflict along with another opponent to switch the game. If the three teams can work together to switch the teams for the given games, the league must be notified and the opponents switched prior the game. There is no cost for the game switch option.


2. Moving A Game

If a Game Switch is not an option, the team who has the conflict can try to move the game. This would require coordinating with the league and the opponent to secure a new date to play the game. The team who has the conflict will coordinate with the opponent to propose three new dates to move the game to in the future. These dates will be passed along to the league office who will see if fields and referees are available for any of the three dates. Assuming one of the three dates work, the match will be moved to a future date.

3. Game Forfeit

If the Game Switch Option and the Moving A Game Option are not available, then the game will be forfeited and cannot be played. If notified of the forfeit more than 7 days in advance the forfeit fee is $200.00. If notified of the forfeit within 7 days of the scheduled date the forfeit fee is $250.00. These costs include the cost of the game lost for the opponent, the referee costs and administrative fees.