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P6 Behavior

P6 Behavior

The Premier League and P6 League would ask all coaches, players, parents, and spectators to follow the core values of SLSG.


Coaches, parents, and spectators should remember the game is for the player.  The game is used as the teacher for the player to continue to grow and to develop.  The game environment should not hamper the growth and development of the player.  We would ask that the coaches, parents, spectators to be respectful of the environment by not yelling instructions during the games.  Cheering and encouragement are more then welcome as long as it is positive in nature.


The SLSG Management will monitor the games and if there is any behavior out of line, we will address during the game.


In addition, we would ask the coaches, parents, and spectators to please be respectful of the referees.  Just as it is a developmental environment for the players, it is a developmental environment for the referees.  Any abusive language or behavior towards referees will not be tolerated.


Please note that any incidents at Premier League and P6 League Games will be reviewed by the SLSG Management and could result in future suspension or punishment.

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