St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SLSG Living Legacy Fund Receives $25K Donation

SLSG Living Legacy Fund Receives $25K Donation


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – St. Louis Scott Gallagher received a $25,000 donation from Motion Orthopaedics to benefit the SLSG Living Legacy Fund.


Motion Orthaopedics specializes in the management of sports-related injuries to the musculoskeletal system and also helps manage arthritic conditions and work-related injuries. Their practice is comprised of orthopedic surgeons, Drs. Farley, King, Milne, Bassman, and Krummenacher and Dr. Doll who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


“SLSG has been a major part of my life for almost 10 years,” said Dr. Farley. “It provides a tremendous soccer experience to the kids, it provides dedicated coaching, and the entire process is managed within a context of upholding the Shield Values.”


The SLSG Living Legacy Fund is an endowment that allows for scholarships to be awarded to deserving players who have talent and passion but may not have the financial resources to join the club or continue as a valued player. 


“All of us are blessed to be able to provide and support our children in whatever pursuits they wish,” added Dr. Farley. “We realize that there are countless kids and families that are not in the same position.  If there is one thing above all else that bothers me, it's when kids suffer, whether it be socially, medically, mentally, or financially.  We would love to help kids just be kids so that they are not burdened by the difficulties of life at young ages.  If we can help even one child play soccer who would not have the opportunity otherwise, then our support is worthwhile.”