St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SLSG IL and Integrity Soccer Club Partnership


Tyler Tetzlaff

St. Louis Scott Gallagher Illinois and Integrity Soccer Club are pleased to announce an Educational Partnership. The partnership, which has been in development since the spring of 2016, was launched during the fall season and has seen the collaboration of these two soccer organizations in the areas of coaching education, training support, club technical and operational best practices. The clubs are also creating a formal pathway for the most talented Integrity players to further their soccer development in National and Regional level platforms accessible to St. Louis Scott Gallagher through the US Soccer Development Academy and the US Club based Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) and National Premier League (NPL).

“This partnership is predicated on cooperation and collaboration, rather than the competition,” said SLSG Illinois Boys Technical Director, Blake Decker. “Integrity Soccer Club has seen steady growth in the Springfield market over the past 8 years, especially at the grassroots level, and SLSG is excited for the opportunity to support them as they look to take the next step in their evolution as a competitive youth soccer club.”

The partnership is defined by four major components including: coaching education; training support from licensed SLSG training staff; assistance in implementing new technical and operational initiatives; and providing a player pathway to National and Regional level competitive platforms for the most talented Integrity Soccer Club players.

“The St Louis Scott Gallagher partnership is an amazing opportunity to take our commitment to our players, families and coaches to a higher level,” said Integrity Soccer Club Founder and Director, Craig Lansing. “SLSG is recognized as one of the top clubs in nation, sharing a focus on educating their staff and a long-term development vision. One of our core principles is to invest in our coaching education because as our coaches become better trainers, our athletes become more technically competent players and our teams have success at higher levels. Integrity Soccer Club is about developing players for long-term success.”

The coaching education component of the partnership will include SLSG Illinois staff conducting coaching education seminars based on best practices with Integrity Soccer Club coaches and directors, three of which were already conducted this fall. The coaching education program includes both theory and practical applications, taking place in both the classroom and on the field, respectively.

The second component of the partnership will be training support provided in the form of SLSG training staff traveling to Springfield to work directly with ISC players. “The opportunity to send our staff to work with ISC players in their own environment provides an additional opportunity for the ISC staff and directors to see our training methodology in a setting that is real to them,” said SLSG liaison to ISC, Brent Broshow. “This training support will provide the conditions for ISC staff to observe the SLSG way as Integrity builds its own methodology and curriculum.”

Thirdly, the partnership will focus on a cooperative and collaborative effort between the technical and operational leaders of SLSG and ISC to analyze the SLSG program and determine what aspects are applicable to ISC. “While our organizations are admittedly in different stages of their own evolution, SLSG Illinois, which started with 4 teams under the Metro FC banner in the 1990’s, has been through the process of transforming from a community-based organization to one that competes on a national scale,” said VP and SLSG IL Club Director, Dale Schilly. “We hope the experiences, the lessons learned along the way, and the incremental steps we took in the development of our own club will assist Integrity Soccer Club on their own journey to find what is the best next step for their organization.”

The final component of the partnership between SLSG Illinois and ISC will provide a direct pathway for the most talented ISC players to access to regional and national level platforms.

“Any soccer organization that is based on player development has to be concerned with the development of every one of its players, from top to bottom as the needs of individual players are different,” said Decker. “The question of ‘how do we provide the next level opportunity for players who have progressed beyond the current competitive platform’ is as relevant to SLSG as it is ISC. ISC players, under this partnership, who have developed to a point beyond what the local competitive platform can provide will now have a direct and defined pathway to regional and national platforms in which to further develop as young people and players.

SLSG Illinois is a member of both the US Development Academy and Elite Clubs National League, which currently represent the highest level of competition in the United States for boy and girls, respectively. For more information on each of the programs above, please visit www.slsgsoccer.com/slsg-illinois/