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SLSG Hosts Positive Coaching Alliance Seminar

SLSG Hosts Positive Coaching Alliance Seminar


The Fall Season has started with a bang as Education and Development is the name of the game following two Parent and Coaching Education opportunities in the seasons opening week! St Louis Scott Gallagher and the Technical Committee hosted a parent meeting and coaching development opportunities. The Positive Coaching Alliance met on Saturday with parents of the clubs players born in 2011. On Sunday, PCA delivered a Double Goal Coach Certiificate Course for all full time and club staff.


Joe Scalley from PCA shared vital messages to the parents of the 2011 birthyear St. Louis Scott Gallagher players about being a 2nd Goal Parent. Joe, the former National Trainer for PCA, discussed the value of recognizing the little picture inside of the big picture and the importance of keeping the big picture in mind. Mr. Scalley highlighted the importance for the parent to ensure that their children take away from sports the lessons that will help them be successful in life. Winning on the field is important, but winning off of the field is more important. This is the 3rd annual PCA Parent Workshop that St. Louis Scott Gallagher has hosted, the workshop is presented to parents of all of the incoming U9 age group both boys and girls. For the third year running, attendance increased as another large crowd attended this informative event.


Mr. Scally stated, “I'm inspired by seeing how St. Louis Scott Gallagher incorporates the principles of the Positive Coaching Alliance into the club's overall approach to its athletes. They really walk the talk about providing an athlete centered experience.”


The following day nearly 100 coaches attended the Double Goal Coach Certificate also presented by PCA trainer Joe Scalley. Joe presented a message that was firmly supported the day before in the parent workshop that coaches can develop better athletes and help develop better people. Positivity is a better way to inspire players. Joe, used various learning activites, guiding the coaches to find ways to connect with players, help players believe that they can improve and demosntrate to players how to compete with integrity. All great messages for the staff which helps the St. Louis Scott Gallagher coaches reach the goal and the PCA slogan of developing Better Athletes, Better People.


“The messages heard by both parent and staff are really important messages. Messages like how to fill emotional tanks of players, how to offer feedback so that it is received in the way it was meant, the power of positivity are a few examples. More importantly, parents and staff were hearing the same message. That alignment is unique for youth sport clubs. Joe and PCA have been great partners,” states Dale Schilly, St. Louis Scott Gallagher Technical Director.


It was a great start to another great year at St. Louis Scott Gallagher. The PCA weekend was followed by Coaching Development Workshops for the Future Stars Community Program staff and webinars for the SLSG Youth Staff.


For more information on PCA or Coach Development Program feel free to contact Dale Schilly at dschilly@slsgsoccer.com.