St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SLSG Hosts 2014 Turkey Bowl

12/18/14 SLSG Soccer

FENTON, Mo. – St. Louis Scott Gallagher held its annual Turkey Bowl on Saturday, November 29th at the Soccer Park.

A total of 100 teams participated in the event, while friends and family enjoyed the 60-degree weather that the day provided.

“The purpose of the Turkey Bowl is for players to enjoy the game of soccer in a fun setting,” SLSG’s Ken Godat said. “Players are encouraged to be creative and not be afraid to take chances. Coaches and team leaders are encouraged to simply substitute and let the players coach themselves on the field.”

Congratulations to “Gravy Train” for winning the Best Team Name competition! All players received Saint Louis FC scarves as their prize.

We’d also like to congratulate this year’s bracket-winning teams (listed below), all of which received free Gatorade.

While providing a fun atmosphere for players and their families, this year’s Turkey Bowl also featured a pair of Upper 90 community service projects.

Marygrove set up a kiosk in the Soccer Park Grill, where they collected donations for Christmas gifts for children in need. Located in Florissant, Marygrove is a childcare agency that provides both long-term and short-term residential care to homeless youth.

The Turkey Bowl also gave back by holding a shoe drive. In total, 324 pairs of used soccer shoes were donated and shipped to non-profit organizations in two foreign countries.

One set of shoes went to Angie and Ruben Guzman at the Queretaro Institute for the Empowerment of Children in Mexico, while the rest went to Students International, a mission organization in Costa Rica.

The 2015 Champions Cup is scheduled for Friday, April 3rd. The Champions Cup is the spring version of the Turkey Bowl and will share the exact same format. The event will feature another used shoe drive, along with other charity opportunities.

2014 Turkey Bowl – Bracket Winners

Chocolate Pie Bracket
Boys – U10 Chelsea
Girls – U11 Deportivo

Blueberry Pie Bracket
Boys – U10 Dortmund
Girls – U10 Illinois Blue / Green – One

Pecan Pie Bracket
Boys – U11 Riverplate
Girls – U12 Manchester City

Apple Pie Bracket
Boys – U11 AC Milan
Girls – U7 Lazio

Pumpkin Pie Bracket
Boys – U8 Athletico Madrid
Girls – U8 Illinois Red

Cherry Pie Bracket
Boys – U8 Bayern Munich
Girls – U9 Wolfsburg

Coconut Creme Pie Bracket
Boys – U11 Blue / Green

Banana Creme Pie Bracket
Boys – U11 Illinois Blue