St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

SLSG Futsal Fest Concludes Winter Futsal Season

SLSG Futsal Fest Concludes Winter Futsal Season


ST. LOUIS, Mo. – St. Louis Scott Gallagher completed the first “Futsal Fest” event this past weekend with SLSG U9-U12 teams competing on the four futsal courts at Forest Park Community College.


SLSG recently revamped the futsal program by adding the competitive “Futsal Fest” in-house tournament at the end of the developmental winter futsal season.  The teams played two round robin games and concluded with a third seeded game with the bracket winners receiving free Powerade drinks.



“Futsal is a nice complement to our outdoor seasons because it adds surface variety and has a free-play feel,” said Director of Youth Player Development Ken Godat. “Futsal is a fast-paced game in tight spaces so it really develops the player's technique, touch and quick decision making.”



"The weekend was a blast for the kids and served as a great transition from winter to our spring outdoor season," added Youth Director Ren Herzog.