St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club

Positive Coaching Alliance Seminars

Positive Coaching Alliance Seminars

The PCA Parent Seminar is another cooperative effort between the two organizations, the first of which was a highly successful Leadership Workshop this past April for the St. Louis Scott Gallagher Full Time Technical Staff.  The seminar will focus on parents’ involvement in providing our children a positive, character-building sports experience.  St. Louis Scott Gallagher and Positive Coaching Alliance have collaborated to present our first PCA Parent Seminar during the Unity Cup on August 12.



The Positive Coaching Alliance is an essential component of the St. Louis Scott Gallagher youth development program.   SLSG Vice President and Club Director Dale Schilly manages the Coaching Development Program, “This Parent Seminar, like the Leadership Workshop, brings us another step closer to reaching our mission of developing players both on and off of the field.  The philosophies of the two organizations are completely aligned as behavior and interaction between coaches, players and families lie at the heart of our missions.  Parents experiencing the PCA message at the PCA Parent Seminar is a critical step to aligning all of our members to how we expect each other to behave.”


Parents and families should plan on attending one of the 4 PCA Parent Seminars that are scheduled for Saturday, August 12 in conjunction with the Unity Cup.  So we can efficiently accommodate the number of attendees, please register on Positive Coaching Alliance Parent Seminar.   The times of each of the seminars have been set to minimize likelihood of missing your child’s games.  The PCA Parent Seminar times are:


Saturday, August 12        

8:30AM - 8:55AM                 Soccer Park Ballroom                     Parent Workshop

11:15AM -11:45AM              Soccer Park Ballroom                     Parent Workshop

1:30PM - 1:55 PM                Soccer Park Ballroom                     Parent Workshop

4:15PM - 4:45PM                 Soccer Park Ballroom                     Parent Workshop


For further information on how Positive Coaching Alliance interacts with SLSG please contact Dale Schilly at DSchilly@slsgsoccer.com.