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Upper 90 Introduction

Upper 90 Introduction

Players, Parents and Club members -


In keeping with the mission of SLSG: To build the best club in the country. A club that positively impacts the development of our players both on and off the field AND positively impacts the community, we are excited to launch the SLSG Upper90 Community Outreach program.


Whats in a name? For those of you who dont know the term Upper90, it is where the crossbar and the goalpost meet and is considered the perfect shot. We hope Upper90 over time is where our SLSG players intersect with those less fortunate and create something special.


The guiding principles of Upper90 are simple:


To Inspire team Unity in something beyond soccer
To foster Humility and compassion for those less fortunate
To build enthusiasm and Passion within our boys and girls for a cause
To teach the value and power of giving Respect to St. Louis children in need
To establish a Tradition of community service within our club and within our kids


We have initially partnered with seven organizations as part of the Upper90 program. Each organization has supplied us with a key contact as well as ideas on how our teams can support their organizations. As importantly, each organization is committed to teaching our youth about their cause and the impact their SLSG team will be making as part of the service project. Each organization we have chosen is committed to helping children in need. Some are homeless, abused, neglected, etc. and collectively the organizations positively impact over 50,000 children and their families every year. The goal is to make this program simple for our teams to select a project and an organization to help. A team is more than welcome to choose a different cause, as long as it is safe for all involved.


We personally have visited each of the six organizations and were astounded by the amount of kids who dont have a place to call home and are in need of consistent help and care. Many of these organizations create a stable environment where the kids can begin to feel a sense of love and family. We were equally amazed by the people at each organization who have made this their lifes work.


Upper90 of course, is an optional, team-driven program. The intent and design of the program is to inspire team service and to have our boys and girls actively participate and better understand some of the challenges that other kids (just like them) are facing right here in our local community.


We have been fortunate to already see the meaningful impact of the program on the teams we personally coach. Our kids have had the chance to be actively involved in a couple of the local organizations we spoke of earlier. It has been a great experience and soon we will begin planning our next project.


As always, thank you for your continued support of St. Louis Scott Gallagher, our mission, and our shield values of Unity, Humility, Passion, Respect, and Tradition.



Steve Kickham


Michael Walsh


If you are interested in the program, contact Steve Kickham –

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Upper 90 Contact

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